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Son Ink Velvet màu 15 – Son kem siêu lì

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Recently, Peripera released five new lip colors, bringing  Peripera ink velvet color palette  to a total of 15 colors. The last 5 colors from 11 to 15 with full color tone orange, pink and red do not repeat color compared with the old color palette. Probably everyone is curious to know what color is the last color. Today I went with you to discover the color of the last 15 colors.

Mô tả

Son Ink Velvet 15 is the last color of lipstick. Tinted shades of pure white. Can call this color is the queen color in the world of lipstick. This color lipstick is never outdated, bright red color makes women attractive and proud.

Why do you pick up 15 color Ink Velvet?

  • Lipstick  Peripera Peri’s Ink Velvet 15 is bright red, one of the traditional lip colors. Any girl must own at least one bright red lipstick in her pocket.


Peripera Peri’s Ink Velvet 15

  • These tonal lipsticks not only brighten the skin but also produce a whitening effect when you use it. Especially bright red skin koi, suitable for all skin tone whether your skin is white or brown.
  • The 15 red scarlet velvet can be flexibly styled in a variety of makeup styles ranging from light to seductive.
  • You can also get a Peripera Ink Velvet when you go to school or work out. Heart lips or full lips are very nice.


About Peripera Ink Velvet

  • Speaking of Peripera Ink Velvet no one is not known for the unique design, small cute as the “ink bottle”. Make her see is love dead tired with this ink bottle. Especially teenage girls.
  • Talking about lipstick and the color of the Ink Velvet children do not need to say much. Because everyone knows the velvet soft texture as velvet. The color of Bourjois Velvet is from France.


The soft velvet texture is velvet

  • The shade color is sharp, do not dry lips or reveal the lips and lips are extremely soft smooth.
  • Especially I like this son line is extremely Cheap-Bo-Cheap only over 100k. You have a super cute super cute then.
  • A small spot for Peripera Ink Velvet is that when you eat greasy, greasy foods will drift a little. But overall the lipstick does not float and does not need to be applied after eating.

If you are a son, then this is indispensable in the collection. Soft velvety lipstick The small brush tip is easy to apply on the lips or full lips. It lasts about 5-6 hours and the price is very low.


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